Iranian Amry Aviation undisputed power in West Asia: Cmdr

IRNA – The Commander of the Iranian Army’s Aviation, Brigadier General Yousef Ghorbani, has described the army’s air force as an undisputed power in the West Asia region, which does not allow enemies to approach the country’s territory.

The army’s Aviation possesses one of the largest and powerful helicopter fleets in West Asia, the commander said, adding that the force destroys enemies in long distances using long-range and precision weapons.

Brigadier General Ghorbani made the comments on Sunday during a ceremony in Tehran that commemorated martyred pilot Ahmad Keshvari.

Ghorbani said that the army today conducts drills in the dark and bad weather conditions, making Western spy services urge caution that “we should be careful so that the Iranian Army’s helicopters do not land on our vessels in the Persian Gulf.”

He also said that the Aviation Force conducted 500,000 hours of military operations during the imposed war by the former Iraqi regime in the 1980s, which is a record in the world.

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