The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in Bushehr Province stated,” The world is undergoing a political and social screening, and soon all the fronts will be determined, and the victory will come from those revolutionary forces and anti-arrogance fighting ideas.”

 Friday Prayer Imam of Bushehr Province Hujjat al-Islam Gholam Ali Safaei Bushehri made some remarks in the gathering of students of the Persian Gulf University on the occasion of Student’s Day on Sunday, December 10, stating that the period of transition from the historic order to the new world order is going on, and said, “the new world order is based on the two pillars of looting wealth and dominating power centers in the idea of polarizing the political and economic management of the world under the leadership of the United States and the comprehensive support of international Zionism.”


The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in Bushehr province, pointed out that in this regard, several obstacles have been investigated in the world management and added,” China is a serious obstacle to the economic dominance of the Global Arrogance as well as Russia’s nuclear power, the axis of Islamic resistance for the Middle East and Iran as an inspiration for revolutionary movements and anti-arrogance campaigns are among these fronts.”


Hujjat al-Islam Safaei Bushehri continued,” For this reason, they involved China in the problems of global economic crisis, they involved Russia with Ukraine War, for Iran as a comprehensive anti-arrogance point that should be fought in a combined manner, they created the current of disturbances and for the axis of Islamic Resistance they initiated inhumane crimes.”


He stated that the goal of international Zionism is not to capture Gaza, but the axis of Islamic resistance, and said,” In this regard, both the military power of the Global Arrogance including NATO and the power of the media have both been utilized, and you will see in the following that the media entered various scenes aiming to create a strong current against the Islamic resistance including Iran.”


The representative of Supreme Leader in Bushehr province added,” Here the role of elites, intellectuals, revolutionary forces and forces that are at the forefront of defending people’s rights, scientists, and those who always have an active role like students and academics, for transformation in new order of the future of the world and creating an obstacle for the realization of the ideas of the arrogant world is very important.”

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