Ganderbal Police attaches property of Five Proclaimed Offenders who exfiltrated to Pak

Cnionline 83

In pursuance to the order of Hon’ble Court of Additional Mobile Magistrate Ganderbal u/s 82 Cr.PC followed by Government order No. 12/DM/GBL, Ganderbal Police attached immovable properties of five proclaimed offenders who have exfilitrated to Pak/PoK for attaining training of illegal arms and were involved in case FIR No. 120/2009 u/s 2/3 E&IMCO of P/S Ganderbal in the manner specified in Section 83 of Cr.PC.
Pertinent to mention that the offenders are at large across the border in POK /PAK.

The details of properties attached are mentioned below:-

  1. Land measuring 01 Kanals 19 Marlas under Khasra No. 41, 42, 47, 49 in Estate Choutwaliwar belonging to Proclaimed offender. Mohd Yousuf Alias Yousuf Naseem S/o Mohd Yaqboob
    Syed Shah R/o Chountwaliwar.
  2. Land measuring 01 Kanals 17 marlas under khasra No. 883/637/288 in Countwaliwar and 10 Marlas under Khasra No. 429 in Watlar belonging to proclaimed offender namely Bashir Ah. S/o Ab Karim Wani R/o Choutwaliwar/Watlar.
  3. Land measuring 11 marlas under khasra No 130, 128, 129, 314 in estate Chountwaliwar belonging to proclaimed offender namely Mohd Rafiq S/o Lal Din Chichi R/o Chountwaliwar.
  4. Land measuring 02 Kanals 15 marlas under Khasra No. 710/3, 706/2, 707/2 in estate Chountwaliwar belonging to Proclaimed offender namely Mohd Sakhi S/o Mohd Younis Shah Qureshi R/o Chountwaliwar.
  5. Land Measuring 121/4 marlas under Khewat No. 201 in estate Qasba Lar belonging to Proclaimed offender namely Hilal Ahmad S/o Habibullah Wani R/o Qasba Lar.

In total 27.13 Kanals of land belonging to 09 proclaimed offenders and one residentail house has been attached so far in case FIR No. 120/2009 of PS Ganderbal by Ganderbal Police.

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