Gadkari approves Rs 1170 crore outlay for roads in Ladakh

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New Delhi, Dec 29: Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has sanctioned an allocation of Rs 1170.16 crore for 29 road projects for the Union territory of Ladakh, encompassing a state highway, major and other district roads.

Gadkari on Friday said additionally, Rs 181.71 crore has been allocated for 8 bridge under the CRIF Scheme for the fiscal year 2023- 24.

The Union Minister said Ladakh, the largest Union Territory in terms of area and the second least populous in India, will witness improved connectivity to its remote villages through the approved initiatives.

This enhanced allocation is expected to stimulate economic activities, particularly in agriculture and tourism, contributing to the overall infrastructural development of Ladakh, the minister.

Source (IANS)

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