Ladakh and Vietnam Forge New Paths in Tourism and Collaboration

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Leh : In a ground-breaking move, Ladakhi tourism stakeholders joined hands with their Vietnamese counterparts at a historic seminar in Dalat, Vietnam, paving the way for cultural exchange and collaborative ventures. The first Cultural Exchange and Tourism Introduction Programme, held on December 29th at Samtan Hill Dalat, witnessed presentations, discussions, and the signing of three crucial Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).

According to the details available with the Kashmir Current News of India (CNI), consul General of India in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Madan Mohan Sethi, graced the occasion with his presence and commended the initiative, pledging his support for fostering tourism ties between Ladakh and Vietnam. He even hinted at exploring the possibility of establishing direct charter flights between the two regions.

“The seminar saw insightful presentations from Ladakh’s travel and tourism industry leaders, including PT Kunzang (President, All Ladakh Travel Trade Alliance), Skarma Tsering Dehlex (President, All Ladakh Hotel and Guest Houses Association), and Delex Namgail (President, All Ladakh Tour Operator Association). They shed light on the potential of Ladakhi tourism, highlighting its unique landscapes, rich culture, and burgeoning adventure activities,” reads the details.

“A significant outcome of the program was the signing of three MoUs. The first, signed by Councillor Lobzang Sherap of LAHDC Leh on behalf of Ladakh, focuses on agricultural collaboration between Ladakh and Vietnam. The second MoU ties the knot between travel and tourism stakeholders of both regions, paving the way for joint ventures and promotional efforts. Finally, the hotel industry received a boost with the third MoU, forging deeper connections between hoteliers of the two regions,” it reads.

“Chairman/CEC of LAHDC Leh, Tashi Gyalson, emphasized the existing spiritual and cultural bonds between India and Vietnam, while highlighting the booming tourist industry in Ladakh. He acknowledged the support of Vietnamese hosts and expressed his gratitude to Dr. Sethi for his instrumental role in the success of this program.”

“Gyalson expressed optimism about the MoUs, stating that they will not only strengthen bilateral relations but also lead to economic prosperity and inclusive development in both regions. He extended a warm invitation to Vietnamese stakeholders to reciprocate the cultural exchange in Ladakh, envisioning increased tourist traffic and deeper ties between the two countries,” reads the details further.

“This landmark event marks a significant milestone in Ladakh’s tourism journey, opening doors to new horizons of collaboration and cultural exchange with Vietnam. The shared enthusiasm and the resulting MoUs hold immense promise for the future of tourism in both regions, fostering growth and fostering a deeper understanding between Ladakh and Vietnam.”

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