Enemy must stay away, or will get hit: IRGC chief

IRAN– Highlighting Iran’s significant progress in naval technologies, the IRGC chief warned the enemies to keep their distance, otherwise, they would face the Islamic Republic’s powerful reaction.

The IRGC Navy, known as the pioneer of Iran’s defense power in the frontline against the global naval powers, has made a huge and stellar leap forward in the offense and defense capabilities, Major General Hossein Salami said on the sidelines of an event held in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Saturday to unveil the IRGC Navy’s new vessels.

Stressing the need for the Iranian naval forces to chase the enemies at any location and develop combat capabilities in remote areas, the commander said the enemies of Iran have many irremediable deficiencies in the sea, such as big and sluggish fleets.

Remaining at close or relatively far distances from Iran’s territorial waters will harm the enemies, the IRGC chief noted, warning the adversaries to stay away from the region.

“Our enemies understand the logic of force very well. We do have determination, power, and strategy,” the general stated.

The IRGC Navy on Saturday took delivery of new military vessels, including a radar-evading warship and speedboats.    (MNA)

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