Martyrs of Kerman terrorist attack increases to 90

IRAN  – One of the people injured in the terrorist attack on Kerman Province, was martyred due to the severity of their wounds, bringing the total number of martyred to 90.

Two suicide attacks happened on the path leading to Kerman’s Cemmetry of Martyrs on the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Kerman, southeast of Iran, where 91 people were martyred and 277 others were injured.

Kerman’s Emergency Service announced that 8-year-old Taha Shadcam and 60-year-old Saeed Shahnavazi were among the injured left by the terrorist attack, who were martyred on Saturday morning.

According to the Emergency Service Department, currently 103 people have been hospitalized in Kerman’s hospitals.

The Funeral ceremony of the people martyred in the Wednesday terrorist attack was held on Friday with the participation of people from different walks of life in the city’s Cemetery of Martyrs.  (MNA)

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