J&K will witness “new era of Peace, Development & Prosperity” under Centre Government. Vivek Bali 

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Srinagar : JD(U) State General Secretary Vivek Bali in connection with almost completion of five year of central government 2.0 at the Centre.

Vivek Bali said the last 10 years of Modi government were “the era of India’s re-emergence as a world leader.” “During this brief period India has succeeded in resolving very significant but complicated issue within the country and also succeeded in emerging as the key-player in international decision making having global impact,” Bali said while enumerating the achievements of the NDA government at the Centre.

Vivek Bali said during the past ten years, J&K was deprived of the real development and opportunities for economic growth and progress. Those who raised the slogans for the special status were instrumental in hollowing the structure. It was only a political tool for power for all of them with no benefit to the public. We are now in the re-organized J&K and let us give this new arrangement some time to yield results for the benefit of the welfare and development of the people”.

Vivek Bali said the task in J&K was huge and every flaw was being removed step-by-step. He said the Lieutenant Governor’s administration was addressing to each and every problem in a structured manner. “We are hopeful that with the help of the Central government, the LG administration is changing the system of governance and making everybody feel that government means the welfare of the people, not their political exploitation,” Bali said.

Bali said “We were going fast on the track of positive change in J&K but things cannot be changed overnight. Substituting the political chain of looting the public treasuries and amassing wealth while in power, we are creating a chain of systematic fool-proof and transparent public reach-out chain within J&K, so that the people are benefited without corruption and exploitation.

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