First Batch of Police Personnel Commence Cyber Crime Investigation Training in Kashmir

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Srinagar : The Cyber Police Station Kashmir welcomed its inaugural batch of 15 police personnel for specialized training in cybercrime investigation.

As per the CNI , the initiative, aimed at equipping law enforcement officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively tackle cyber-related offenses, marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to safeguard cybersecurity in Kashmir. With the proliferation of digital technologies, cybercrime has emerged as a formidable challenge, requiring law enforcement agencies to adapt and evolve their strategies accordingly.

Also, officials emphasized the importance of staying ahead of cybercriminals by enhancing investigative techniques and leveraging advanced technologies. The training curriculum covers various aspects of cybercrime investigation, including digital forensics, cyber laws, evidence collection, and cyber threat intelligence.

The launch of this training program reflects the proactive approach of the authorities in recognizing the growing significance of cybersecurity and taking concrete steps to mitigate cyber risks.

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