Bilaliya Educational Institution (Amda Kadal) Commences New Academic Year with Plantation Drive

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Srinagar : Bilaliya Educational Institution kickstarted the new academic year with a meaningful and environmentally conscious initiative by organizing a plantation drive on its school premises. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed personalities, including Mr. Manzoor Wangnoo, Chairman of the institution and a renowned Environmentalist, and Dr. Touseef Ahmed, a distinguished guest.

Mr. Manzoor Wangnoo, a stalwart in the field of environmental conservation, emphasized the critical role that plants play as the lifeline of our ecosystem.

He highlighted the importance of instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in the younger generation from an early age, stressing that nurturing a green consciousness is essential for the well-being of our planet.

Dr. Touseef Ahmed, the special guest of the occasion, underscored that true education transcends conventional classroom teachings.

He emphasized that educating children about the significance of plantation not only fosters a deeper connection with nature but also imparts invaluable lessons in sustainability and stewardship.

The plantation drive at Bilaliya Educational Institution symbolizes a commitment to holistic education that encompasses not only academic excellence but also a profound understanding of environmental stewardship. By integrating such initiatives into the curriculum, the institution aims to nurture responsible citizens who are equipped to address the challenges of an ever-changing world.Er Abdul Rashid, Syed Amjid Rizvi and Wajahat Margoob and all school staff where present.

As Bilaliya Educational Institution embarks on a new academic year, it sets a commendable example for fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and sustainability within the student community. The school’s dedication to blending education with environmental stewardship serves as a beacon of inspiration for educational institutions nationwide.

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