High hopes of Kashmiri Pandits are attached with PM Modi Ji ,s coming visit to Kashmir valley on March 7,2024 Kundan Kashmiri, President KPC

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Kashmiri Pandit community, inparticular victim displaced Kashmiri Pandits have high hopes attached with Sh.Modi Ji, Prime Minister of India, that on his coming visit to Kashmir valley on March 7,2024, he ( Modi Ji) and his Government at the center would come out with meaningful agenda and future plans for displaced Kashmiri Pandits presently residing in exile, which will satisfy their aspirations, fulfill their long demands .

Kundan Kashmiri said that the issues of victim Kashmiri Pandits are unresolved since long as the present and previous centre and state Govt, s,.have fail to fulfill the aspiration and demands of the community, now this time KP’s have all hopes on Modi Ji to get thier aspiration fulfilled and burning issues settled at the earliest,hence very importantly eyeing on the coming visit of Prime minister Modi Ji to Kashmir on March 7,2024.



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