Kashmri Pandits in general and KPC in particular welcome the implementation of CAA law in our country : Kundan Kashmiri

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We Kashmiri Pandits in general and their reprentative organization KPC welcome the implementation of CAA Laws in our community for tortured Sanatanis in Pakistan and Bangladesh.Though it took ten years to our Hounable Prime minister Sh.Modi Ji to fulfill this promise along with other promises . This decision is really a right step towards proper directions.

we Kashmiri Pandits are also confident that Modi Ji would also soon fulfill his promise made with we victim Kashmiri Pandits in 2014, and give us right to live as per our choice & as a community together , restore our all rights graunteed by constitution of our India, mitigate our problems and accept our genuine demands.

At the same time we KP,s condenm all those negative forces & elements who oppose and protest against the implementation of the said CAA in the country. .

No doubt they have right of protest and dissent, which is basic principle of a modern democracy and this cannot be denied to any one., but this right should not be misused as is happening these days on the much needed CAA . People as well as opposition has the right to protest in a peaceful manner but should not indulge in violence whatever the reason . Under the garb of this right politicians and political parties should not instigate the people ,students and the Muslims by spreading misinformation about the CAA for the vote bank politics The opposition must not give oxygen to the lawlessness and violence on the pretext of the said act.

The fact of the matter is that this act is not against any section of the country and is not against the Muslims of India who are equally citizens of Indian nation and they will not be affected by this act in anyway as assured to them by the present Government.Also the religious freedom of the Muslims will not be affected and some political parties are spreading baseless rumors under a well net plan to malign the government at the centre .It is very unfortunate and sad that the so called secular political parties are hell bent to disturb peaceful environment in the country and are creating a divide in the plural society only for their selfish political ends.

In India everybody has the right to differ and protest but then the people and the political parties have no license under the garb of democracy to indulge in violence to take political mileage on it .It is crystal clear that these parties do not want peace and communal harmony and want to blame central government for all this disturbance.

This bill has been passed by the parliament of India and the opposition was defeated in both houses and now they have resorted to spreading of misinformation and are inciting the Muslims on false and concocted stories and lies. These parties are spreading falsehood to incite the minorities and are creating mistrust and doubts among the people in general and the Muslims in particular..

. There does not mention a single word against Muslims living in the country in this act ,but still opposition parties are making a mountain out of the mole for their political ends. The people of the country in general and the minority in particular should not allow themselves to be deceived by the cunning and selfish political parties and their leaders..Any lawlessness and violence by the students of various universities and some Muslim leaders has no place in our democracy and the government should sternly deal with the people indulging in lawlessness and violence .No one should be allowed to take law in to its hands and law and order should be maintained at all costs.

We again welcome the timely announcement of Modi Ji Government for implementation of CAA in our country.


[ Kundan Kashmiri ]

Sevak & President KPC


Mobile No 880 2167955

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