Narco trade in J&K: Need to ‘dig the tunnel from both ends’, a major challenge, DGPR Swain

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Police tactics similar to terrorism, seizing property of drug dealers, suppliers; Jammu and Kashmir will not be allowed to become Punjab, being a border state the neighboring country is pushing heroin, brown sugar there

Jammu, March 14: Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain on Thursday said that drug trade is emerging as a major challenge and the police and other security forces need to effectively deal with it. Needs to be dealt with. Forces need to “dig the tunnel from both ends”. .

“Drugs trade in Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as a major challenge. It needs to be tackled properly. We need to dig the tunnel from both ends,” said Chani Himmat, DGP, Drugs, Jammu. ” He said after inaugurating the center for de-addiction and mental rehabilitation.


He said that while on the one hand the police will take strict action against the dealers and suppliers by confiscating the properties under UAPA, on the other hand they should also focus on the problem of drug demand and beggars. need of “For us, an addict is a victim,” he said, adding that tackling the growing drug trade in Jammu and Kashmir was a tough task but the police were determined to tackle it. “In the same way we tackled the terrorist ecosystem by cracking down on those who provide shelter, transport and other logistics to terrorists,” he said. Strategy for those involved in the drug trade.”

Responding to a question about how big a challenge drug trafficking is in Jammu and Kashmir, DGP Swain said that given the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is a “border state” located on the western side of the country, heroin and Large amounts of drugs such as brown sugar. Coming from a neighboring country.

“Until recently, only desi hashish was the challenge and its involvement was limited. But now its involvement is high as heroin and brown sugar are pushing it in large quantities. Same was the case in Punjab and it is increasing here too. But we will not allow Jammu and Kashmir to become Punjab.” It is not a challenge in Karnataka and Telangana as these states are not close to the borders.”

He said that currently 10 police de-addiction centers are functioning and some private players are also involved. “These centers are small compared to the number of addicts,” he said. The DGP said that the police will assess where it stands now and where it will stand in 2025. CNI

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