If nuclear facilities threatened, Iran doctrine could change

TEHRAN :– An Iranian military official in charge of protecting the security of nuclear sites has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran could change its previous nuclear doctrine if the nuclear facilities are threatened by Israel.

“The possible threats from the Zionist regime are not new. Over the past years, the fake Zionist regime not only has threatened, it has done acts of sabotage and terrorist actions against the nuclear industry,” said the Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) force in charge of Protection and Security of Nuclear Centers of the country, Major General Ahmad Haghtalab.

Meanwhile, he highlighted that the Iranian armed forces are ready to tackle any Zionist regime’s threat with the advanced air defenses and passive defense equipment they have.

“If the fake Zionist regime wants to use a threat to attack our country’s nuclear centers as a means to put pressure on Iran, it would be possible and foreseeable to revise Iran’s nuclear doctrine and policies and deviate from the previously declared considerations,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the Iranian nuclear facilities will be safe and secured. “Using passive defense plans as well as advanced protective and security means and equipment, we will protect and keep secure the facilities of the country’s nuclear centers and complexes.”


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