US was informed before and after anti-Israel op.: Iran FM

TEHRAN :– Iran’s Foreign Minister says the United States was informed about Tehran’s decision to punish the Israeli regime and after the operation ‘True Promise’ was accomplished with strikes on the occupied territories.
“We sent a message to the United States telling it about the operation and another message in the early morning of Sunday that we are not looking for further tension in the region,” Amir-Abdollahian responded to the journalists upon the arrival in New York to attend a UN Security Council meeting.

“Since the Israeli regime directly targeted the Iranian embassy in Damascus in a terrorist act, which martyred our official military advisers in Syria, we had been restraining ourselves considering the regional conditions but repeatedly asked the UN Secretary General that the Security Council should fulfill its duty to confront the Israel actions,” he said.

“But we informed America when the decision was taken for necessary response to the Israeli regime within the framework of international law and legitimate defense,” the top diplomat revealed.

“We told the Americans in messages clearly that the decision taken by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council headed by the president to punish the Zionist regime was definite and final and after the punitive action (Operation True Promise), approximately at 2:30 am on Sunday of this week, we sent another message to the United States through diplomatic channels mentioning that we are not looking for the escalation of tension in the region”, Amir-Abdollahian explained.

Iran’s foreign minister also stated that the US was informed well in advance that American bases and interests would not be targeted in the region, unless Washington is involved in war in support of the Zionist regime.

The messages were exchanged especially through the Switzerland Embassy which represents US interests in Iran, and also official diplomatic channels, with the aim of creating a correct understanding of Iran’s action and in order to prevent the escalation of tension and crisis in the region, he said.


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