SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir Conducts Special Drive on Magam-Beerwah Rout to Improve Road Safety

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Srinagar, 23 April:  In an effort to improve road safety on the Magam-Beerwah khag route in Budgam district, SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir R.P. Singh directed a special traffic enforcement drive to promote road safety.

The initiative aimed to educate drivers, enforce traffic rules, and encourage responsible traffic management.

The drive included educating drivers about traffic regulations and issuing fines for violations.

Parents were urged to play a crucial role in ensuring young drivers operate vehicles responsibly.

The special drive specifically targeted overloading by commercial vehicles.


Vehicles found carrying passengers beyond the permissible limit were either challaned or seized.


SSP Traffic Rural R P Singh highlighted the importance of public cooperation in curbing traffic violations.

He urged commuters to report instances of overloading, emphasizing its contribution to traffic accidents.



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