Hashmi calls for legal action against a publisher responsible for offensive content against Ayotullah Sayyed Rohullah Khomanie (r.a).

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The prominent Sociopolitical activist Syed Karar Hashmi appeals to the authorities to take legal action against the publisher for the unjust inclusion of world-known spiritual leader, and founder of the Islamic revolution Ayotullah Sayyed Rohullah Khumanie (r.a) in the most evil man in history list by Q Connect books.
He said in a press statement that Nelson Mandala named Ayotullah Sayyed Rohullah Khumanie as a great son of Islam and said that Khumanie has contributed a lot to showing the right path to the present and future generations of Muslims.
He observed that books taught in institutions must not spread hatred and misinformation, rather be a source of unity, love and human fellowship. Education must not be a tool in spreading misinformation against revered figures of any religion of the world.
He appealed to the authorities to take strict action against NCERT or others responsible for this offensive content as it has badly hurt Muslim sentiment or if they accept this as an error, then they must come up with a public apology without further delay.

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