Outcry Against Offensive Content in Acuber Books International publication

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Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir – April 27, 2024:
Social Activist Hakim Suhail Abbas Kashmiri has voiced strong opposition against the inclusion of derogatory material aimed at Imam Khomeini in the Acuber Books International Publishers syllabus for sixth-grade students.
Img 20240427 Wa0152
Expressing deep concern over the disrespectful depiction, Kashmiri emphasized the esteemed stature of Imam Khomeini (AR) within the Shia Muslim community.
Demanding the immediate removal of the offensive content from the curriculum, Kashmiri warned of potential repercussions if prompt action is not taken.
Furthermore, Acuber Books International, the publisher responsible for disseminating the objectionable material, faces widespread condemnation for its role in perpetuating such offensive content.
Kashmiri calls upon respected scholars and the public to unite against such disrespectful depictions to prevent their recurrence.

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