Scoop on Bibi featured in documentary


The Tehran Times’ scoop on Netanyahu›s mental health is featured in a documentary aired on national TV

TEHRAN :– On Friday, Iran Channel 3 released a highly anticipated documentary focusing on the influential Tehran Times newspaper and its groundbreaking exclusive article published on September 24, 2023.

The article, titled “Nuclear Dementia,” delves into the mental health of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, based on secret documents that the newspaper obtained following his threats to strike Iran with nuclear weapons.

Directed by Mojtaba Minavand and produced by Mohsen Karimiyan, the documentary focused on the secret documents disclosing that Netanyahu and his wife Sara suffer from a relapsed psychiatric disease, which prompted a member of Yair Lapid’s party to take to the Judiciary to call into question Netanyahu’s fitness for the top job in Israel. These findings were deeply troubling, implying that Netanyahu’s mental instability has compromised his decision-making capabilities, posing a severe risk to international security.

The documentary highlighted the profound political and security ramifications of the Tehran Times’ revelations. The article has sparked political turmoil around the world, with people questioning Netanyahu’s ability to govern.

These revelations also point to a broader issue: the potential fragility of Israel’s security infrastructure. The leakage of Israel’s judicial archive is indication of how vulnerable Israel has become, especially at a time when Israeli officials, notably the Mossad chief David Barnea, have ramped up their rhetoric against Iran.

It is noteworthy that just less than a month after the article’s publication, Israel launched a full-scale war on Gaza resulting in the deaths of 36,654 Palestinians, most of them women and children. This conflict has worsened the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and raised significant ethical and legal questions about Israel’s military conduct. Netanyahu’s conscious decision to start and continue a full-throated genocide further raises questions about the dangerous intersection of personal political survival and national security decisions, leading to catastrophic consequences for civilians in Gaza.

The documentary not only sheds light on the content of the Tehran Times’ article but also highlights its significant impact.

As more details emerge, the world will continue to watch closely, considering the implications for regional stability and the future of Israeli governance. The tragic outcome in Gaza serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers when personal instability intersects with national and international politics.


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