Dimple holds massive march in rajouri for the restoration of j&k statehood

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Jammu : Dimple holds massive march in rajouri for the restoration of j&k statehood, before the assembly elections and against the BJP wrong decision on 5 august 2019


2. Dimple confirms INDIA block congress; NC candidates will win all five j&k MP seats.


3. Dimple said the wrong BJP decisions on 5 august 2019, abrogation of article 370, are not acceptable to j&k people.

Sunil Dimple president mission statehood jammu kashmir took out massive protest march along with hundreds of people, youths, elders of all communities on the rajouri city roads, against the BJP wrong decisions on 5 August 2019 of abrogation of article 370,35-a, demolition of j&k state into two union territories, demanding in nowshera chityari rajouri rallies, to restore j&k state before the assembly elections.

Sunil Dimple addressing mammoth gathering at rajouri, demanded that SC supreme court has ordered to hold j&k assembly elections, restoration of j&k state and we demand to set a timeline for the restoration of j&k state.

Dimple demanded to restore j&k state before the assembly elections.

Dimple said BJP bhartiy janta party 5 August 2019 wrong decisions; Abrogation of Article 370 is not acceptable to the people of Jammu Kashmir.

He said we have filed a review petition on article 370 in supreme court and the case will be uploaded on the supreme court site.

He said We demanded SC to start an open hearing on review petition and send in a Larger bench for the hearing.


Dimple said he got full support in the fight against the bjp wrong decisions after the abrogation of the article 370, for the restoration of j&k state, assembly elections and for the article 370 from all Jammu Kashmir people, of pier panja, chinab, valley, poonch, rajouri, mendar, surankot, mendar, doda, bhadrwaha, kishtwar, ramban, banihal anantnag, srinagar and all from district of kashmir.

Dimple said uamar abdulla, mieya altaf of india’ block parliament candidates, will win their seats.


He said india block will win all five MP seats in j&k three of kashmir and two of jammu region.


He said I am sure the day is not for when we will get our j&k princely state back along with POK, Gilgit, Blatistan Blatistan our j&k part.


He promised the people that I will fight for hundreds of years for getting back article 370, special status and we will fight for our right in SC and parliament also and we amend the Abrogation of article 370 decision in the parliament.

Dimple said we will implement the instrument of accession conditions after the j&k assembly elections and after formation of j&k govt in assembly.


Dimple was given a warm welcome during the tour by the people on the way to pier panjal region, for the Anantnag- Rajouri poonch MP seat on the roads beating of drum, dhol, dancing.


He said these bjp alliance parties and all partners will lose the three valley MP seats and will also badly lose in the coming assembly elections in j&k .


Dimple announced, we will bring back j&k state, cancel all domiciles with PRC state subjects and will continue our struggle for the articles 370, 35-a, implementation of instrument of accession conditions.

He said we will protect our lands , jobs, the unification of J&k, ladakh, POK, gilgit, blatistan in j&k state assembly ordinance.


The leaders Mati mier, Showkt khan, Shehnawaz, shafqat alli, hameed khan, gagan singh, ayan khan, shafiq, tosef, shehnawaz, vishal and many others addressed the rally.



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